Brian Eno & The Buddha

I blast Brian Eno when I wake: 
An Ending (Ascent) vibrates 
and hums in my torso & limbs, 

emanates up through the skylight 
and back down, sun spilling 
onto the opal tile floor. 

It’s Sunday, and this is my church. 
I think about the man here in Oakland 
who, tired of waking to junk 

dumped in his yard, 
set out a statue of the Buddha. 
Soon, no more trash. 

People lined up to sweep 
and to pray. They took care 
of the Buddha, built an altar, 

brought the man more food 
than his family could eat. 
And I think: he could’ve sat out there 

all night with a shotgun, waiting—
but no. 
With this one peaceful gesture 

he sparked kindness 
instead of hatred; humanity 
over retaliation. Ascension. 

These notes, these chords, these tones—
they rip my whole heart open, 
empty it into this room.