These Words Will Hit You, Change You

You can duck but these words will hit you...change you...I anticipate what will come next, even when I know, brace myself for the emotion that ensues and then lick my wounds with the sacred knowledge that words have the power to heal. –Kelley K.

Rich in Imagery and Emotion

Rich in imagery and emotion, this book will take your heart to painful, beautiful places, with words that are real and raw, truthful and soulful. I loved every searing, soaring, gut-wrenching snapshot of love, loss, betrayal and hope. Definitely will look for more from this author! 
–Sara Franke

Awed by Author

As I read these poems, I was awed by the authors command of the language. Each word seemed to be created just for her, to be used at exactly the right spot. I found myself lingering on certain lines - lost in the moment and amazed by the telling of it. Raw and beautiful, you will not be disappointed by this wonderful collection of poems. –Robin

Captivating and Beautiful

Boxing Without Gloves was my first book of poetry I have ever read start to finish. The captivating and beautiful yet heart breaking narratives are put together in such a way as to put you right there, in a story, watching it play out. It is easy to feel the sorrow, the strength, the sincerity in each poem that almost makes one feel as if intruding on such a personal moment, yet also privileged to be allowed to listen in. I was fortunate to be able to attend a reading of Barb's that was more beautiful that I can explain. To hear the words directly from the writer made the poems even more personal and beautiful. Whether a fan or not yet experienced in poetry, I highly recommend Boxing Without Gloves.
 –Lisa Nicholson

Amazing Writer

Barb is an amazing writer, you can feel her emotions of pain and joy. It is rare for an author to affect me the way her writing has. I relate well too, to much of her writing and am looking forward to more. –Larry A.

Extremely Talented Writer

I am amazed at Barb Reynolds' ability to so touchingly describe not only the beauty she sees and embraces in life, but the pain and loss. She is an extremely talented writer, who has just begin to find her awesome author's wings. 
–Vi Nicholson

True Gems

True emotional, psychological and spiritual transformation is possible for anyone who reads this book and whose heart and soul are open to the experience. The words are at times raw, but so real and gripping, you will want to savor every single line. Barb Reynold's poems about the vulnerability, pain and beauty of humanity are true gems deserving of great praise and acknowledgement. –Karen C.

No Words To Describe

Ironically there are no words to describe these poems. With a single phrase Barb Reynolds brings to life the indelible beauty of all life's journeys. Your heart and soul will be forever altered. –Laura Lodes

Bought Several Copies for Gifts!

This is poetry that is thoughtful as well as touching. Real life experiences that I can relate with and love to share. Have bought several copies for gifts and all say they love it!
–Pamela G.

Dive Into Any Page

"Dive into any page of Boxing Without Gloves to discover poetry that is a riveting combination of ferocity and compassion. Written with clarity of insight, Reynolds mines the landscapes of domestic abuse, decline, death, and betrayal.  These poems create a transformative experience as the narrator exposes the darkness behind everyday cruelties. The resulting illuminations impart balance, as the reader explores the risks and rewards of open engagement with the shadow side of being human.  Reynolds navigates her gorgeous poems with courage and intelligence."  –Margaret Stawowy  

From a Friend's Father

Note from Barb: Norman Lodes was my friend Laura Lodes' father. Laura did the cover art for my chapbook Boxing Without Gloves. I had never met him and he wrote me this email. We ended up emailing back & forth for a few days and then he died suddenly. His note is below.

"When Laura told me about your book of poetry, I ordered one immediately. It arrived yesterday and as soon as I took it from the envelope, I began to read your powerful words. This little book is a gem. I loved it. I read the whole thing, some of the poems more than once.
It is apparent to me that you have suffered during your life. You have obviously known emotional pain and unbearable sorrow. In reading your eloquent phrases, I began to really admire you rather than feel sorry for you. Your beautiful words are soothing, therapeutic, and...poetic.
I love a good sentence, a carefully constructed thought. I will always keep this little book. I appreciate the fact that you took so much time and effort to get the words just right.
Good luck to you Barb. Good luck with the next poem, the passionate words as yet unwritten, the poems that will flow from your mind.
Thanks again for something beautiful and worthwhile." –Norman Lodes