Isolation Journal is a quirky blend of ponderings & poetry, political commentary & weird wordplay, by poet Barb Reynolds. In Volume Two, Barb continues her journey in COVID-isolation with her dog Blanca, chronicling these unprecedented and challenging times. Isolation Journal feeds our collective soul with humor & wisdom, common sense & absurdities, sowing seeds of compassion and food for thought.


"Your book is a life jacket. Thank you. Merci, Gracias, Danke, Grazie! Parts of it sound like the rabbit that hops around inside my head, frenetic, needy, hilarious, hip, lonesome but enjoying my solitude, exhausted, inexhaustible. In short, I'm surprised and delighted by the slapstick and the dazzling word choices.
I love your work! I love Isolation Journal." –Pamela Davis

"I LOVE your new book! It captures the angst of the covid quarantine like nothing else.
Hope you can reach a whole lot of people with it. People will really resonate with it." –Barbara Higbie

  I’ve dipped in a few times and each time I’m completely captured.
SO ALIVE. SO FRESH. I’m totally inspired by your writing.
And by your taking this hard, hard time and making it into beauty, revelation, gift. 
Deep deep bows, Barb." –Kim Rosen

"Thank you for the words you pen, the spirit you give to the world, and the thoughtfulness you exude." –Margaret H. Wagner 

"I’ve only read the days 92-102 and it confirms what I already knew. Barb Reynolds is a brilliant poet.
In the span of a few minutes I smiled, laughed, recognized myself in an expressed sentiment and got choked up.
Thank you." –Sharon Washington

"Starting my second reading of Isolation Journal. 
Love it and the lovingly, lovely loving of it all!" –Tammy Hall

"The stream of consciousness effect is quite wonderful. I am enjoying it tremendously." –Whit Schweizer